Images in Your Blog Posts

Imagini în blog Posts: Cele mai bune practici

The main purpose of using images in your blog is to increase its appeal and boost the number of times it is viewed. Research on the Skyword content marketing platform suggests an average increase in blog views of 94% when a post includes images. Furthermore, the research also indicates that some types of content, such as news or political stories, will receive an even greater boost in the number of views if they use an image.

There are a variety of reasons to add images to your blog post

The first mistakes many companies make when designing their logos is creating them for themselves. They put themselves at the center and forget that this is a tool for communicating their identity to their various publics. To avoid this mistake, design your logo with them in mind, where you should put yourself in a writer’s shoes where the audience takes center stage. If you want to do something to please yourself, then you can design it and file it for your personal pleasure. But if you want to reach out to the world, then remove yourself from the center.

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