7 lucruri pe care trebuie să le luați în considerare înainte de reproiecta site-ului dvs.

It’s human nature to seek a change when things are not going according to plan or when they are not performing well. This type of thinking is in our DNA, and it’s normal human behavior. However, when this behavior is interpreted in website redesign, it can be risky if there is no plan in place.

In the business world, every move we make should be planned and measured, even if this is just the simple decision of revamping your online presence and especially your website design. These types of changes are normal when business owners are looking to increase sales, introduce new products or in general, refresh their brand, but I would never say that they are simple. Although this is an excellent step to see a positive change to your business, different questions need to be answered before updating your website.

Identifying the “WHY” of Your Website’s Redesign

First of all, you need to answer the most critical question of all which is, why are you looking to revamp your website’s design. Being able to answer this question will make the redesign journey a lot easier. It will help you identify the issues and set clear design goals.

Setting Measurable Goals

Identify how the new website design will help your business and set goals that you can measure. For example, you might want your viewers to spend more time on your website, or you might want to decrease your bounce rate by 10%, or you might want to optimize your website for search engines and appear on the first page in Google using specific keywords. Whatever your goals are, make sure that they are measurable so you can see the return in your redesign investment.

Planning Out Your Website’s Architecture

Having a clear idea of your website’s architecture is crucial. Plan out the pages that you want to update and create a draft that you can present to your designers and web developers. Even if you have a rough idea of how you want your website to look like this will help speed up the redesign process. Remember there are tools for everything so don’t forget to do your research to see what is out there. For more information on useful tools for websites check out this article here.

Following Branding Guidelines in Your Redesign

It might be that the reason you are updating your website is that you have updated your brand. Whatever the reason, make sure that your website follows your brand guidelines, regarding color scheme, typography, the tone of voice, and layout. It is imperative that the look and feel of your website are consistent offline and online for the best brand experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For any website to achieve its goals it has to be search engine optimized, so make sure to include all keywords and optimize every page for best results. Before your redesign, make sure to audit your website to analyze its current performance for comparison reasons.

User Experience

One of the most essential elements of a website is user experience. To achieve the best possible UX for your site you have to interpret consumers behavior in the digital world. How will you make your consumer’s online journey more enjoyable, seamless and make them come back for more? There are specific questions that you will have to answer such as your website readability, navigation, color scheme, responsiveness, etc.

Content Strategy

When updating your website one of the things you might quickly forget is your content. This will also have to be updated; you will have to decide what content stays, what content goes and what needs to be rewritten. Identifying your content strategy and determining what you want to communicate to your audience is one of the things you need to consider. Also, the creation of a blog will fall into this category as well as the decision to hire writers to create valuable content for your audience.

The idea of a website redesign seems the panacea for improving an ill-performing website but without having the above steps considered this idea may not bring the results you need. Plan, strategize and evaluate to achieve the best redesign for your website.

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